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Tempting ~ Tantalizing ~ Healthy ~ Homemade ~ Delightful
100% real Jamaican fruit cake


Our mouth watering fruits are specially blended and soaked with other high quality ingredients in Jamaica's World Renown ovenproof white rum to give that tropical flavour.

Rich in taste, sinfully delicious, yet only 160 calories per slice.  A popular dessert among Jamaicans home and abroad.  Our fruit cakes are so versatile that they have been used as a traditional Wedding and Christmas cake.

Maxine's Reggae Max's cake recipe is a closely guarded family secret, passed down from generation to generation.  Originally used only at special family functions.

Cakes are vacuum packed for extra freshness.

Auntie Max (aka Maxine Thelwell) has owned and operated Maxine's Reggae Max Fruit Cake since December 1988.

Maxine's desire and strong love for baking, plus her carefully guarded family recipe propelled her to share her talent with the rest of the world.  Auntie Max intends to extend her product line to other homemade products in the very near future, offering others a true Jamaican experience.


Maxine's Reggae Max Jamaican Fruit Cake - further explanation unnecessary, sample a must... get yours today!



Minimum Quantity
3,000 units


Minimum Quantity
1,500 units


Minimum Quantity
1,000 units

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US $3.00
US $12.00
US $15.00

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US $4.00

US $15.00

US $25.00